Step up your Chinese skills.

Kanshu is a webapp that lets you read the books you love in Chinese at the difficulty level you desire.

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What is Kanshu?

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A reading app for intermediate to advanced language learners where you can read the Chinese language version of the books you love

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‍Kanshu uses powerful algorithms to make reading Chinese simple: it divides the sentences, provides translation, examples and pronunciation, all in one single app

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‍If you find the original version too difficult, the app is able to simplify the book for you, by, for example, substituting complex idioms

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You can save the words you want to learn and take flashcards quizzes

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We keep new features coming with the goal to improve your Chinese language proficiency and provide the most enjoyable reading experience

What is Kanshu?

Kanshu is a desktop and mobile friendly webapp for intermediate and advanced Chinese language learners where learners can read their favorite books in Chinese at the difficulty level they desire.

Why Kanshu?

The content
YOU love

Upload your favorite books in Chinese or ask us to find them for you.

Choose YOUR

We customize the books you love according to your level of Chinese

Enjoy the

Save the words you did not know, listen to the pronunciation, check real life examples

How Kanshu Works

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1. Request your access

Request your access in this page to start using Kanshu. Complete the survey and check your inbox, you should receive a confirmation email!

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2. Welcome to your library

Once you are on board, you can access your library and upload the Chinese language version of a book you want to read or ask us to find it for you.

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3. Experience the magic

Kanshu analyses the book you just added to your library and breaks sentences, loads translations, audios and examples. It sets the table for you to start reading.

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4. Ride your stories

Start reading and learning: studying Chinese has never been so effective and engaging.

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5. Try the learning tools

Save the words, look at real life examples from the internet, see related sentences and words, take flashcard quizzes.

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6. Become a Kanshu Ambassador

Become part of the Kanshu community: Ambassadors are readers who meet up online to discuss in Chinese the books they read and learn from each other.

Stop seeing walls of ideograms.
Start reading the stories you love.

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